The DSCC vs. KBS Fitness Throwdown

In the spirit of wellness (not to mention the DSCC’s amazing, incredible and utterly revamped Wellness @ Work program), the chamber staff has entered into a fitness contest with our event partners in crime, Kelly Benefit Strategies.

Our 2012 W@W Conference—which will be held on Wednesday, April 18 at 7:30 a.m. at the Medical Society of Delaware— preaches wellness programs in the workplace. But if we are to talk the talk, then we should certainly be able to walk the walk.

So, along with Kelly Benefit Strategies, we have partnered with Plus 3 Network, an innovative social networking company that combines personal fitness with charitable giving.

Together, our two offices will run, walk, bike, elliptical, row, cross-train and more on our way to healthier bodies and minds. The Plus 3 Network will plot our progress as we go and tally the scores. Our good ‘ol’ fashioned throw down will also raise important money for our wonderful charities: Sunday Breakfast Mission and Delaware Hospice. Out goal is to raise $550 for each of our causes.

We’ll reveal the results at Wellness @ Work. Don’t miss it.

For more info, click your way to

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