Sec. Alan Levin addresses “The State of Business in Delaware”

“Delaware has not been content with waiting for this recession to end. That’s the difference between Delaware and other states.”

So began Alan Levin, the Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, Monday morning at the historic Wilmington Club for the latest installment of the DSCC’s Legislative Forum.

Amidst a few Monday-morning bleary eyes, Levin recapped his first few years in office, dealing with the closing of two auto manufacturing plants and the Valero plant in Delaware City, plus the arrival of Fisker Automotive, Bloom Energy and others.

Levin said Delaware’s unemployment rate dropped to around 7 percent in January 2012, which is a step in the right direction. “Delaware’s best days are ahead of us,” he says.To help foster a stronger statewide business community, Levin, along with Gov. Markell, has visited businesses from up and down the state, always asking the question “How can we do a better job of making your business more successful?”

He touched briefly on the Delaware State Small Business Credit Initiative, which has the potential to help small businesses and stimulate job growth; as identified the Port of Wilmington, and the health care sector as areas of growth.

Following his well-received remarks, Sec. Levin fielded questions about Fisker’s recent troubles, the high cost of energy, among several others.

The DSCC thanks Sec. Levin for his stirring words and his ongoing commitment to growing business and creating jobs in Delaware.

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